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Cost effective – Our POS Terminals both Android and Traditional are the industry best hardware with low cost yet with all payment type support.


Compliance & Security – Payments industry is inundated with regulations that are mandate for card processing and it is a basic thumb rule for a managed services partner to be certified to avoid risk of handling customer confidential data. This evades the possibility of any loopholes with respect to data security. Our hardware and Platform are PCI Certified version 5.X which means the shelf life of hardware is much stronger and longer


Stay focused on core business – Our services help clients to focus on their business and customers rather than managing huge teams and complex IT decisions.


Quick Implementation of technology – Our services helps our clients to launch their services and products with greater agility.


Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness – Our services help clients to channelize their time and effort in increasing their business effectiveness as well as overcoming challenges in a competitive landscape.


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Traditional POS

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Traditional MiniPOS

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